Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica contains 12% of the world’s biodiversity. This tiny Central American country has become world renowned for ecotourism.

No longer considered a third world country, Costa Rica is well on it’s way to being a “developing” country. Three million of the Tico’s, as are termed the locals, live in the thriving capital city of San Jose. The remaining million and a half people are scattered through out the country, making homes along the coastal areas.

The primary language in Costa Rica is Spanish however English is now taught in schools and widely used in larger centers. The country is democratic, and without an army since 1948. Resources instead have been funneled into education and healthcare.

Costa Rica has 2 beautiful coastlines: the Pacific and Atlantic. Incredible fishing and surfing can be found off both. Nicaragua is the neighbor to the North and Panama to the South. The two primary exports are coffee and bananas. There are microclimates of both rain forest and dry forest. Active volcanoes can be visited with incredible natural hot springs at their base.

The climate is warm 12 months of the year with the "Green Season" being primarily October and November. Vibrant and alive with vivid colors, Costa Rica is a country to discover visually.

Renown for it’s rugged beauty, exotic fauna and spectacular wildlife, Costa Rica is now the “Hot Spot” for visitors, investors and luxury seekers alike.

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