Spanish 101

In the popular tourist areas, many of the local people speak English, however they are very proud of their culture and language and appreciate it when you try to speak a little bit of Spanish.  Besides, it will be fun for you!

1. Saying "Hi":

Hi or Hello Hola
Good morning Buenos dias
Good afternoon Buenos tardes
Good evening/night Buenas noches
How are you? Como esta usted?
Good bye Adios
Pure Life... (Super...) Pura Vida

2. Don’t forget your manners

Please Por favor
Thank you Gracias
No No
Yes Si
Apologies... (sorry) Perdon
With pleasure..
((kinda like "you're welcome")
Con mucho gusto

3. Feeling hungry… thirsty???

Breakfast Desayuno
Lunch Almuerzo
Dinner Cena
Bill please La cuenta, por favor
Beer, please Una cerveza, por favor!
Food Comida
Appetizer Boca
Wine, please... red/white Vino, por favor... rojo/blanco.
Red wine is often called "Vino tinto"

4. Money & such

How much? Cuanto?
Very expensive Muy caro
Cheaper Mas barato
Bill please La cuenta, por favor.
ATM Cajero automatico
Credit card Tarjeta de credito
I need change, please Necesito menudo, por favor.
How many colones per dollar? Cuanto colones por dolares?
1,000 colones (..about 2 bucks) Mil colones
5,000 colones..(about 10 bucks) Cinco mil colones
10,000 colones…(about 20 bucks) Diez mil colones
20,000 colones…(about 40 bucks) Veinte mil colones

5. Random stuff

Do you speak English? Habla usted ingles?
Where is the bathroom? Donde esta el baño?
Left Izquierda
Right Derecha
Can you speak more slowly? Podria hablar mas despacio
I need a taxi please Necesito un taxi por favor

6. Numbers & days of the week

1 Uno Monday Lunes
2 Dos Tuesday Martes
3 Tres Wednesday Miercoles
4 Cuatro Thursday Jueves
5 Cinco Friday Viernes
6 Seis Saturday Sabado
7 Siete Sunday Domingo
8 Ocho Yesterday Ayer
9 Nueve Today Hoy
10 Diez Tomorrow Mañana

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more Spanish… CRDM has amazing Spanish instructors who will give private lessons in your condo.

This information is also available in PDF format within our Concierge Guide.