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The true essence of Costa Rica in the past has been more evident to adventurous hikers, bird watchers and surfers. Today however, foreigners have recognized the incredible value that exists in the “land” of this tiny paradise! Costa Rica combines luxurious and charming elements, an inspired lifestyle, unbeatable climate, affordability and beauty in resort-style living.

The standard of quality residences currently offered for sale, are at prices well below those of North America! Elegant living in gated and private communities ensures security in your “home away from home”. Beautifully appointed new homes begin at $250,000 U.S. or if you like to fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing, your investment will start at $400,000+. Prices we saw 40 years ago in Hawaii!

The Costa Rican government has provided foreigners with the same opportunities for land ownership as they offer their own. This intriguing detail has allowed many tourists to purchase fee simple land just as we do back home!

An enormous advantage is the primitive annual property taxes. In comparison to the soaring rates in North America, CR collects a minimal annual fee of 0.25% of the purchase price, where a $300,000 home owner may expect to pay only $750/year.

Amazing Value! Affordable Luxury Living!

To add to these striking advantages is the fact that a capital gains tax does not currently exist which allows investors and home owners alike to sell and keep their well earned proceeds - TAX FREE!

These are but a few of the enticing elements that have drawn visitors to this small Central American country and in turn what has convinced them to invest here. Join us in Costa Rica where lifestyles are both lavish and affordable!

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